Sunday, August 28, 2011

Gaymon Weekend

Matt is one day older than me. He was born August 27, 1980, and I was born August 28, 1980. He says he learned alot on that day between our births, and I say that I always knew I would marry an older, wiser man!

It is fun having our birthdays a day apart. For the past ten years (ever since we started dating), my birthday has felt more like a holiday of sorts. And, I am a sucker for holidays!

We celebrated our "Gaymon Holiday Weekend" this past weekend, in usual blow-it-out-fashion!

Friday night, we went and watched Daddy play dodgeball in our neighborhood dodgeball tournament. Matt had a great time playing dodgeball (which I completely do not get, but I am glad he did). And, the girls and I had a great time watching him, meeting new people, and spending time with friends. It was really like a mini tailgate kind of experience, and it was super fun!

Saturday, we spent a relaxing day at home which is right up the Birthday Boy's alley.

Saturday night, we had a Combo Birthday Party with both of our families. Matt's mom cooked a delicious meal, and my mom brought a super yummy chocolate peanut butter cake complete with mini peanut butter cups. We were literally showered with gifts. Everyone was way too generous, but we were very appreciative. We had a great time!!

Today, we went to church, rested, met with our Community Group, and then the girls sang me Happy Birthday! Scroll down, pause the playlist, and enjoy! (I think my favorite part is Maggie's praise at the end of the cute!)

We are two blessed people which makes our birthdays so, so sweet!!! Happy Gaymons' Weekend to Us!

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Anne said...

That video is DARLING! You couldn't ask for cuter, sweeter girls. So glad your birthday weekend was wonderful!